DJ Lefty

DJ Lefty_

Dj Lefty was born and raise on the south side of Chicago ( Parkway Garden O-Block”). He later moved to the West side of Chicago(L-town). At the age of 13 is where he found is love of music after playing the drums for local church and high school . After attending several clubs listening to different DJ’s spin he decided that he would pursue his dream and become a Dj. After practicing for months in his room he went out and did his first gig in front of a small crowd and they loved it. Now, he  Dj’s for Clubs in the Western suburbs and does different event  (Wedding, Birthday party etc…..). The feeling he gets from watching the crowds reaction to the music he plays is what drive him to achieve more in the Dj world. Dj Lefty loves Hip-Hop, R&B, Steppers, House and Chicago Juke music.

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