Lesley “LT” Taylor (Chicago, IL.)

Lesley affectionately known as “LT” a name given to her by Chicago’s Own radio personality Ramonski Luv. She brings to Blok Club DJs a vast array of knowledge about the music industry, insight on corporate structure, first hand knowledge of what makes a successful DJ. LT has done her time behind the turntables since the age of 15. She has been more of a privately hired DJ & held a residency at a local lounge for 6 years all while holding down a full time corporate gig & part time radio gig.

LT prefers to let the true stars have the spotlight, always keeping a reserved position but maintaining a noticeable presence. She has been known to be very welcoming and sharing of anything music or DJ related serving as a mentor to new DJs and a walking encyclopedia to the veteran DJs. LT has a love for music, entertainment and believes that no artist should have to leave their home town to “make it”. She uses her working knowledge of marketing, and her ability to uses words to make an individual or group become appealing to all that pays attention to them.

Serving as the administrative assistant for Blok Club DJs LT will leave no stone unturned and will do her part by way of her years of administrative & professional office skills to take Blok Club DJs to a level unheard of by a DJ Crew.




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