DJ Silkee (Urbana, IL.)

Dj Silkee_

Ja’Naea Modest aka DJ Silkee is an up and coming DJ. While only just djing for a year and a half, she has been able to open up for local artists as well as some well known artists (Mystikal, Young Dolph), do private parties, and even acquire residency at clubs and bars in the Champaign area.

Silkee always had a love for music and the fascination of djing. He rmother introduced her to music at a young age. Due her mother being ill a good portion of her life she decided to put that passion on the back burner to take care of her until recently.

What started Silkee off was her best friend. Her friend urged her to start djing for a singing group called Prince Night. That put fuel to the fire. From there it open many doors in the community. From parties to residences.

Arisca “Doc-A” Hampton, Ramondo “Mondo” Youngblood, and Andre “I.C. Dre” Gray took Silkee under their wing to show her the ropes. From each one of them she was able to learn something different to develop her own style with blending old music with new music.




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