DJ Meti Already (Chicago, IL.)

Only behind the wheels of Steel for a short time, DJ Meti Already has made definitive strides as a master of the mix. He started off as a producer remixing the hottest songs of the time period. His remixes has gotten heavy rotation on Peoria Illinois radio station Power 92. Living in Bloomington Illinois for 10 years, Meti honed his craft making beats and doing remixes going by the name MetaFakta.

It wasn’t until he moved back to his Native Chicago in 2005 that he began to delve into the DJ world. In that time he changed his name to DJ Meti Already. His first mixes were featured on Spin Club Radio, a college radio show based at the Illinois Institute of Technology. World Vibe Radio, an internet radio station based in Chicago, noticed Meti’s skills behind the wheels and put him on three days a week at noon spinning neo soul grooves. In 2009, DJ Meti Already started his mixtape series Sho Shot Game, which featured artists on the mainstream level and underground. The objective of Sho Shot Game was to break new music no matter where it came from. In the same year, the format for Sho Shot Game was brought to as Sho Shot Radio.

In 2010, DJ Meti Already remained a staple in the DJ Roster. As well as being nominated for an award from the International DJ Trade Association for one of the Best Internet DJs. He also became a Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJ. In August 2011, He joined the Mix 1620 AM( staff and launched a new radio show with DJ Cube of the Core DJ’s called Sho Shot Radio Worldwide. This radio station is based in Patterson New Jersey and the show airs on Mondays 8pm central time. Look forward to seeing DJ Meti Already make more strides in his career as his Sho Shot Game brand grows.




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