DJ Mankey (Chicago, IL.)

Dj Mankey


Born June 20, 1973, DJ Mankey hail from the South Side of Chicago via Parkway Gardens. he is the father of four children and grandfather of one.

Mankey has been a DJ for eight years now and continues to learn and perfect this craft to stay on top of his game, dubbing him one of Chicago’s HOTTEST DJ’s, joining the ranks of his sister and fellow DJ Sundance, Chicago’s TIGHTEST FEMALE DJ! He plays a variety of music genres, including Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, Old School Rap, Dusties, Jazz, Classical, and even Latin! His teachers include greats such as DJ Sundance, DJ Rell, and DJ Armando.

You can catch him every other Monday nights at Lemelle’s Lounge, Wednesday nights at Frances Cocktail Lounge, Friday nights at Sugababyyy’s Sports Bar & Grill, and Sunday’s at the Black Cat where he is the resident DJ!
Throughout his career, he has remained humble and down to earth! He continues to make his mark in this industry in more ways than one!




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