DJ Don Juan (Chicago, IL.)

DJ Don Juan

Hi, my name is Donald Hairston III a.ka. DJ Don Juan. As a young boy, I used to watch my dad DJ all the time. He started the art at the age of 14, and by watching him, it made me want to also learn the art and everything I could possibly learn. I started off by carrying his equipment into the parties. Once my dad realized I was eager to learn, he started teaching me the basics. At this time I was 14 just like he was when he started. Let’s fast forward 16 years, and I’m still in with everything about the art. I’m still learning and still want to learn more!! I look forward to every event that I’m apart of, as they all have their own set of challenges, but this DJ always comes out on top!!!!! My dad passed away suddenly 5 years ago, and I stopped loving my art for three of those years. But now I’m back and I love and appreciate it more than I ever did before!!!!!!!!




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