DJ Chill (Chicago, IL.)

Willie “IL. DJ Chill” Stallworth born and raised on Chicago’s far south side representing the 130s. Getting his musical influence at the tender age of 8 with whom he credits his older sister for this influence by which he had encountered some of Chicago’s most influential DJs. His sister would take him to Farley’s Record Store on 95th Street where he would be allowed to grace the turntables and would be given just one restriction “don’t break my needles.”

It wasn’t until 2001 when DJ Chill was given the chance to spin at the Clansion on the University of Illinois Campus in Champaign. He leaves the memory of that event of everybody slow grinding until the wee hours of the morning. In 2004, he followed the lead of his close college buddy and fellow DJ – DJ Cosmo and purchased his first set of tools of the trade. Crediting his mentors DJ Mondo and DJ Cosmo for providing him with guidance and expert training, it wasn’t too long before DJ Chill was holding down the 1s and 2s on his own.

Relocating to Springfield, DJ Chill teamed up with a few people and began showcasing an event called Thirsty Thursdays for the athletes at University of Illinois. This popular event led to him being hired for private events in various locations throughout the Springfield area. With that became the official birth of IL. DJ Chill. Moving back to Chicago, and reconvening with his mentor DJ Cosmo came the formation of Solo Squad DJs. Since the inception of the team IL. DJ Chill has been setting the moods and rockin’ crowd throughout Illinois from weddings, reunions to clubs and private home events. Of all the places IL. DJ Chill has been, the diverse crowds he has played for, he adds his name to the list of versatile DJs people will get to know. Linking up with Blok Club DJs will solidify his position in his chosen art form.

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