DJ Big Rap (Chicago, IL)

DJ Big Rap*

Every once in a while in the music industry, there comes a talent out of nowhere that takes it by storm. When that happens, the entire industry has the “where did he come from mentality. Apparently, that person just happens to be BIG RAP. No one ever knew that the CEO of C.W.A.L. Inc. was even a rapper, but contrary to popular belief, this street warrior not only helped orchestrate one of the most successful independent records labels in Chicago at the time, but Big Rap came into the game straight off the gang-infested streets of the Westside and with an ample amount of hard work and has paved himself into the life-blood of hip hop culture as the realest MC ever to grace the microphone. He first gained attention with an appearance on CWAL Ballaz Work during the Drought compilation, followed by a series of mixtapes entitled, “Diary Of A Chicagorilla” Volumes 1,2, & 3. After a much publicized feud & settlement with former C.W.A.L artist Twista, Big Rap took matters into his own hands with the completion of his much anticipated solo projects, “Long Time Coming” and the much anticipated “Street Politics” Album due to be released soon. “Learning the business from inside out is what is needed in order to achieve success in this business” he says. Now he’s taken on many hats including an integral part with Blok Club DJs and Blok Club University. Armed with the entire support of the streets as well as his infinite knowledge of the industry, the music game will never be the same.




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