Bangghz (Chicago, IL.)

Bringing his dreams to reality, Byron “Bang” Walker, “The One Man band” began his journey into the music business at a young age on the West Side of Chicago. Beginning his career as a music producer in a large family studio, Byron created a sound for himself. As the years went on and the studios changed, the sound only developed and grew into a signature sound that clients like Chi-Blizz and Trey Tha Chocolate Jock had to work with. Being an “Audio Architect” (engineering and production) seems to be at the heart of Bang’s career in the music industry, but it’s the journey through working life that turned Byron into the enterprise he is creating.

As any musician knows the music business has it’s up and downs, so Byron began several companies in order to keep up with the demand and avoid the downside of the music business. Beginning with Blok Bangaz, the production company, Byron recruited new producers with the goal of developing a team able to produce some of today’s hottest beats. Blok Bangaz goes beyond just beat making by hiring actual musicians (piano, guitar etc.) to add to the unique sound being created in the studio at any given time. Not only does this give Blok Bangaz the advantage of working with real instruments but it funnels income back into the Chicago Music Industry by hiring local talent who will also soon be building their businesses and brands.

Graphics is the bread and butter, the fire that fuels the engine running Byron’s enterprise. Creating graphics for Dirty Money, YC, Trinidad James, and French Montana was great business for BANGGHZ (Gigahertz), the company name. GHZ is a graphics company whose mission is to deliver extraordinary images on a mainstream level, to local talent and businesses at affordable rates. Building Archive Duplication was an added bonus for Bang’s clients. They now have the option of bundling services with graphics, making it easier, more affordable and possible for local talent to compete in a city over saturated.

Creating the Blok Club brand is most definitely the icing on the cake. A company uniting DJs, whose mission it is to constantly deliver great music and continuously “break records”. Blok Club DJs are in the clubs every night of the week, and on the radio 4 nights a week. The success of Blok Club DJs is obvious and has been a magnet for new and developing talent and businesses. 3 years in a row, Blok Club DJs has had a Meet N Greet event and each year it grows more and more successful. The first year generated about 500 people coming through the doors of Adrianna’s Nightclub on the south side and just recently almost a thousand people walked through the doors of Watra on the West side of town for the 3rd annual Meet N Greet.

Everything you need that has to do with music you can get right here with Bang, the one man band that owns the one stop shop. Byron “Bang” Walker has done it all from watching Blok Club grow from birth to now a walking child still needing personal care and attention, to duplicating projects for musicians such as Syleena Johnson, Twista, Mikkey Halsted, Jeremih, and J Ivy with Archive Duplication Company. He’s gone from designing some of the hottest promotional material for venues like Alhambras Palace to Blok Bangaz, the production company creating a unique sound, to engineering for artist like Twista, Do Or Die, Cap One, David Hollister and Fast Eddie. The one thing he wants the public to know is that he is the “FOR REAL” while others are for play. When you come to get business done, that’s exactly what will happen and your brand will be the better for it.




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